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Both Cheryl's and PMA's unwavering commitment to customer service is outstanding. The fact that it is a local company where everything from application to underwriting to closing is done in-house gives Cheryl 24/7 access to her processors and underwriters which allows her to predict a buyer's qualifications and the timeframe needed for a transaction better than any other loan officer and company I have ever encountered. And, because of her access to special programs, my clients were able to obtain a PHFA loan and were thrilled to buy a home in a beautiful neighborhood with the funds to complete needed improvements – all at a jaw-droopingly low interest rate!

Cheryl is easy to work with and very charismatic without ever allowing her integrity to be compromised to please others. In other words, we like her because she is likable - not because she tells us what we want to hear!

If you are looking for a lender who can provide better service than you are receiving now, you would be doing you and your business a favor by calling Cheryl and PMA.


Adrian & Steve

Thank you so much for your warm & professional assistance with our mortgage – 3rd time’s the charm! You & Chrissy responded to each & every question with patience and kindness. PMA Rocks!


Judi and James

We purchased our first home with your constant support, attentive ear, and ability to talk us off a ledge at a moment’s notice. You answered our hundreds of questions, and ran numbers for us non-stop for half a year. We never felt alone in this process and all we can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts for absolutely everything you’ve done for us. We’re making an even larger commitment in September when we get married and now have a home to come back to. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Jed Carmen

I met Cheryl just a month ago when we decided to purchase a new home. We had to act quickly since our closing was a very accelerated process. Normally, the entire process takes 6 weeks but we were able to pull everything together in only 3 weeks. Cheryl was dedicated, personable and very knowledgeable throughout the entire process. This included many weeknight and weekend calls to lock down final details. I highly recommend Cheryl as a great partner in the mortgage lending process. She's a star.

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